Integrated Decommissioning & Waste Consignment Solution

DecomIT is an integrated decommissioning and waste tracking solution that provides full traceability from source to final disposal. DecomIT uses web based technology to provide a user interface that is platform independent. It allows information input and retrieval via local intranet, virtual private network or the Internet. All printed reports and forms are produced to conform to the userís requirements and local or international regulations.

DecomIT allows comprehensive recording of:
  • All plant, equipment and other sources of waste
  • Contamination and other risks
  • Decommissioning activities
  • Worker exposure to radioactivity and other types of hazard
  • Full environmental monitoring
  • Full waste content analysis
  • Full traceability from production residue or decommissioned item to final waste consignment
  • A complete record of the work tasks that generated the waste
  • Data import from external monitoring and production systems
  • Data export to external waste management systems
DecomIT is the ideal solution for the decommissioning and waste recording in most sectors of industry:
  • Nuclear
  • Oil
  • Chemical
  • Heavy Industries
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Urban Regeneration
  • Domestic Refuse Collection
In fact DecomIT is essential to any organisation that produces or is responsible for the disposal of large amounts of controlled waste and has to account for the sources of the waste and how it was produced; anything from nuclear power plants to televisions and fridges.

You know the rules & regulations; are you complying?

Are you wasting money, treating all waste as hazardous?

Be in control of all stages of waste generation and disposal.

Track all waste from origin to disposal and document it.

Prove what you have handled and how it has been disposed.

Record all potential hazards for decommissioning & waste handling personnel.

Control costs.

Decomit is a trading name of Navertech Ltd.
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